ACBLscor can be modified to pickup all sanctioned club games and send them to ACBL headquarters.  From there, the game files can be sent to Power Ratings.  The ACBLscor program to be modified would be the Monthly Masterpoint Report.  All club directors must do this report to have their customer’s Masterpoints recorded.  The club director would need to do nothing to get their games into Power Ratings.


I am starting a petition to include all club games in Power Ratings.  To include your name on the petition, send an email to your District Representative of the ACBL Board of Directors.  Include me,, on the address line.  In your email state that you would like ACBLscor Monthly Masterpoint Reports to be modified to include the ACBLscor Game files.


If you don’t know what your District number is but you do know what your unit number is click here, then click on “District and Unit Websites”.


            If you don’t know what your Unit number is click here, then find your name.


District Representative email addresses:


District 1 – Eastern Canada – Leo Weniger

District 2 – Ontario, Manitoba, Bermuda – Paul Janicki 

District 3 – Eastern New York (not New York City), Northern New Jersey – Carlos Munoz

District 4 – Central New York, Eastern Pennsylvania, Delaware, Southern New Jersey – Joann Glasson   

District 5 – Western PA, Eastern OH, Western NY, Western MD, Northern West VA – Sharon Fairchild

District 6 – Washington, DC, Virginia & Maryland – Margot Hennings  

District 7 – North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and eastern Tennessee – Bob Heller  

District 8 – St. Louis, Northern Indiana, Central and Southern Illinois & Paducah – Georgia Heth  

District 9 – Florida – Jay Whipple

District 10 – Mid-South Bridge Conference – Russ Jones

District 11 – Kentucky, Western Ohio, Central Indiana & West Virginia – A.J. Stephani

District 12 – Most of Michigan, Northwestern Ohio – Dennis Carman 

District 13 – Chicago, Wisconsin & Upper Michigan – Suzi Subeck

District 14 – Iowa, Minnesota, North & South Dakota and Nebraska – Sharon Anderson  

District 15 – Southwest Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Western Arkansas & Northern Texas – Phyllis Harlan

District 16 – Most of Texas, All of Mexico – Paul Cuneo

District 17 – Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Southern NV, Eastern Utah, West Texas, Wyoming – Bonnie Bagley

District 18 – Western Canada, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Utah – Claire Jones  

District 19 – Alaska, Washington State, British Columbia – Marv Norden           

District 20 – Washington, Oregon, Northern California, Nevada & Hawaii – Merlin Vilhauer  

District 21 – Northern California and part of Northern Nevada – Jackie Zayac  

District 22 – Southern California – David Lodge

District 23 – California: Los Angeles County – Kevin Lane

District 24 – New York City and Long Island – Alvin Levy

District 25 – New England – Mark Aquino