Young Hot Shots and Seasoned Veterans


          Have you heard these terms?


Young Hot Shot:


          A player who’s skill level is substantially higher than the average player with this player’s number of Masterpoints.


Seasoned Veteran:


          A player who’s skill level is substantially lower than the average player with this player’s number of Masterpoints.


          I will not tell you who the seasoned veterans are, but look at the first column in your unit’s most underrated players list.  These are “Young Hot Shots”.



How to use Power Ratings


          The secret to forming a winning KO team is finding good teammates that have low Masterpoint totals.  This can be accomplished by forming teams and playing in a few KO’s.  If you are not winning, you say the team does not click.  That is better than saying some of the teammates have a skill level lower than their Masterpoint total.  You then form a new team and eventually you will form a winning team.


With Power Ratings you can skip the trial and error steps.  Go to your unit’s home page.  Look at the “Most Underrated Players” list and you will find players with skill levels higher than their Masterpoint totals.  The list will show you their MP’s and their skill level.  PR/MP’s is their skill level (Power Rating) converted into MP’s.  This player plays at the same level as the average player with PR/MP’s Masterpoints.   UR is the difference between the player’s Power Rating and the Power Rating of the average player with this player’s number of Masterpoints.


          The “Most Underrated Pairs” list is another good source of potential teammates.  The MP column shows the Masterpoints of both partners combined.


          If you like to go to tournaments and play with pick-up partners, take your I pad.  When you find a card posted for a prospective partner, look up his or her Power Rating.  Also if you post a card looking for a partner, add a line and include your Power Rating.  The fact that you do this will impress knowledgeable players.


          Having done Power Ratings for many years, I have found out two things:


1.     Masterpoints is the best marketing tool ever invented by the ACBL.  It is a perfect awards system.

2.     Masterpoints will always be the ACBL’s rating system for bracketing/flighting/stratifying events.


The purpose of Power Ratings is finding partners and team mates for members that want to create stronger pairs and teams for their bracket/flight/strat,