Informal Survey

1.     Why do bridge players like Bracketed KO’s

They like to play against teams that have similar skill levels.


They like to play against teams that have similar Masterpoint totals.

2.     Are there players that do not attend tournaments because their chance of success is very small?

If you answered yes, and they could play against players with similar skill levels,

3.     Would they play in more tournaments?

No one needs to know a player’s rating.  Bridge is a partnership and team game.  Their lower strat or bracket could be because of their partners and teammates.

Masterpoints and Power Ratings 

          Masterpoints will still be the awards you win.  Masterpoints will continue to determine when you become Life Master, Silver, Grand and all of the other categories.  Masterpoints will still be used for the Barry Crain 500, Mini-McKenney, Ace of Clubs and Player of the year. 

          Power Ratings are for Brackets, Strats, and Flights only.

          You tell the director you want to play Swiss, KO’s, or pairs.  You give the director the entry fee and he gives you a pair or team number.  You sit down at a table with a bridgemate, enter your pair or team number, your name or ACBL # and the names or numbers of your partner and teammates.  The computer knows your Power Rating and uses this to determine your bracket/strat/flight.  You will never need to know what your Power Rating is. Final brackets will be given after all teams are entered.  Strats will be the top 1/3 for A, middle 1/3 B and the rest C. 

          Flights will be determined in advance.  The Bridgemate will tell you which flights you can play in.  A/X, B/C/D or Gold Rush Pairs, the 299ers or any other flight.  You can then pick your flight.  If you do not want to be surprised, go to the Power Ratings website and click on “Flighted events assignments”.  It will tell you what flight you will be eligible for this month, next month, 2 months from now and 3 months from now.  Power Ratings from 3 months ago will be used to determine flights.